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Re: isearch highlighting

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: isearch highlighting
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 14:51:28 -0500

    1. When Emacs hangs while searching with isearch for a regexp with
    nested repetitions, it can be interrupted with C-g.  Fine.  But when
    it hangs while highlighting other occurrences of the search string with
    isearch-lazy-highlight invoked by a timer, it can't be interrupted.
    I think it is safe to put the body of `isearch-lazy-highlight-update'
    in the `with-local-quit' block, because quit in this function can't
    lead to a corrupted state.

I just installed the code for while-no-input.  I think you should
use that.

    C-x RET C-\ latin-1-postfix RET C-s a a

    This could be fixed in `isearch-lazy-highlight-update' by selecting
    the window where isearch was activated.

That seems reasonable, but if the idea is to call the
isearch-lazy-highlight code from query-replace as well, please verify
that this fix is correct for that case too.  I have no specific reason
to think it is wrong, I'm just asking you to double-check.

    3. While typing a sequence of a multi-character input method in the
    isearch minibuffer, the first part of the isearch string is
    highlighted in `minibuffer-prompt' face, because it is used as the
    part of the prompt.  Instead, it could be inserted into the minibuffer
    as initial-contents.

I suppose you've tested that patch; but I wonder, does this lead
to a danger of being able to edit that initial contents?

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