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RE: Getting more info on a variable in Customize buffers

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Getting more info on a variable in Customize buffers
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 15:52:53 -0800

    ,----[ C-h v custom-unlispify-tag-names RET ]
    | custom-unlispify-tag-names's value is nil
    | Display tag names as words instead of symbols if non nil.
    | You can customize this variable.

This is good to know. Thanks. As is often the case, what I think is sorely
missing is already there - I just didn't know about it.

Some minor problems I see in 21.3.50 from July 27 (maybe fixed since then):

- You need to load `cus-edit.el' to see this variable (not a
  great problem, but it would be good to have it autoloaded).

- Changing it from t (default) to nil, and even setting it for
  the current session, and even saving it for future sessions
  is not reflected in the current current Customize buffer itself.

    How about a button that toggles `custom-unlispify-tag-names' and
    re-displays the buffer?

I suggested that each variable name itself serve as a toggle - click it to
change display of the name locally (but not change the variable

Another omnipresent button just for toggling `custom-unlispify-tag-names'
might be overkill, but I agree that the option `custom-unlispify-tag-names'
should somehow be a bit more noticeable.

What about 1) having click-a-name-to-toggle-its-display-type, as I just
mentioned, and 2) display a message in the echo area when you do this,
saying that you can use `custom-unlispify-tag-names' to set the custom
display type globally. Finding this (oddly named) option would then be
fairly easy and common.

Thanks too for the other info you mentioned. Luc mentioned many of the same
things, so see my reply to him.

 - Drew

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