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Re: list-colors-display: display all color names

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: list-colors-display: display all color names
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 11:07:55 +0200
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It's possible to use #RRGGBB hex color specifications instead of
color names.  One reason to replace a color name with #RRGGBB
is to use slightly modified RGB values than a color has.  But it
might be difficult for users to obtain corresponding hex values.
Also, users might want to find the color name corresponding to
the known RGB value.

All I propose now is to add color hex values to the *Colors* buffer.
I think that placing them at the right window edge would not be
distracting.  For example:

gray                    grey                                   bebebe
light gray              light grey, LightGray, LightGrey       d3d3d3
midnight blue           MidnightBlue                           191970
navy                    navy blue, NavyBlue                    000080
cornflower blue         CornflowerBlue                         6495ed
dark slate blue         DarkSlateBlue                          483d8b
slate blue              SlateBlue                              6a5acd
medium slate blue       MediumSlateBlue                        7b68ee
light slate blue        LightSlateBlue                         8470ff
medium blue             MediumBlue                             0000cd
royal blue              RoyalBlue                              4169e1
blue                    blue                                   0000ff

Juri Linkov

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