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Re: Multiple Gnus running at the same time

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Multiple Gnus running at the same time
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:20:53 -0500
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> Gnus nomally asks you at startup whether you want to load the auto-save
> file of .newsrc-dribble when it exists.  When it doesn't exist, there are
> no unsaved changes and nothing to be locked, I think.

I very often run Gnus from an SSH session and that session often gets
terminated at random times, so I get a .newsrc-dribble all the time, even
though I only very rarely run two Gnus sessions at the same time.

I.e. the .newsrc-dribble thingy is like the autosave file #foo# but not
like the lock file .#foo, even though the two are somewhat related.


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