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RE: list-colors-display: display all color names

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: list-colors-display: display all color names
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 11:46:41 -0800

    Also, we could add more text to the *Colors* buffer telling users
    about related facilities.  But I doubt that this is a grave problem.
    Someone who wouldn't hesitate to modify colors one bit at a time is
    probably a hacker anyway, and hackers could well be expected to look
    for related functions.

Only if we don't make it easy to modify colors a little bit at a time will
that remain the domain of hackers only. If we make it _easy_ to modify
colors incrementally (e.g. slightly more red, slightly lighter with no
change in relative RGB...), then anyone "wouldn't hesitate to modify colors
one bit at a time", and more people might be interested in related color

However, I agree that there is no need for adding text to *Colors* telling
users about such functions. I agree with Juri, however, that the #xxx...
display is a help.

    > Adding #RGB to every color name displayed by `list-colors-display'
    > in the *Colors* buffer is a more practical solution.

    But it clutters the display and creates a problem with long lines.  So
    I think we need a good reason for adding that.
    One idea that I like better is to add tooltips to the colors which
    show the hex RGB values.  How about this?

As I mentioned in an earlier message, users should be able to copy+paste
#xxx... color specs, in addition to color names. Tooltips don't let you do

As far as clutter is concerned, needing to display each of the color-name
synonyms contributes more to clutter than does #xxx... - I think we can
afford the space needed for #xxx.... If things do turn out to be generally
too cluttered, then we could make these display elements user-configurable
(display synonyms or not, display hex codes or not).

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