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People please help us

From: Igor
Subject: People please help us
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 09:06:44 +0000

People please help us. Our daughter's dying. Excuse us for a spam distribution, 
but there's no
other way. We cannot find the help in Russia.
My name is Igor, my wife's Julia. 4 years ago we have found out that we got 
AIDS. A short time
later our daughter Tanya was born with the HIV diagnosis. When our daughter was 
on medical
inspection doctors discovered congenital heart disease. We addressed for the 
help in the Children's
hearts organization and were told we could send her on operation to Germany, 
but only in 5 months.
It's impossible to wait that much since doctors said that the child with HIV 
infection and a heart
disease would live 3 months at max. Such operations are made only in Germany. 
And it costs about 18
thousand US dollars + flight to Germany and post-surgical treatment. We have no 
such amount of
money, however we found 3 thousand dollars. With my salary 200 dollars and the 
salary of the wife
of 140 dollars, it takes years to save up the necessary sum. And the 
operation's to be done in a
month. Rich people in our country very greedy. What people have we not asked! 
All did refuse. Now
we ask you Americans for help, you are the richest country in the world, and 
hope, that you
understand our situation. I will kneel before you! I ask you to help, we'll be 
very glad to any
sum. If we don't find your support, we have no choice but pray to God ….

Our daughter - http://vizitki.w6.ru/tanya.jpg

e-gold account - 1838318

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