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Missing feature ?

From: Gian Uberto Lauri
Subject: Missing feature ?
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 10:18:17 +0100

First of all excuse me for this intrusion.

With the previous  version of Emacs (i.e. the  one packaged by Debian)
if I create  a frame named "Foo" then the "Foo"  became the name under
wich resoces where to be obtaines.

It seems  this has changed,  and this is  sad for me since  it allowed
some nice things under WindowMaker.  i.e. I have a dedicated frame for
reading mail,  I could hide just  it and keep all  other Emacs windows
visible, the  same for the one  I use to deal  with database sessions.
Furthermore I  could jump to the screen  containing the mail-dedicated
frame simply by forcing the window to appear.

Could this  feature be back in the  official source code or  have I to
fix my personal copy ?

Thanks in advance for the time you used reading this message.

 /\            ___
/___/\__|_|\_|__|___Gian Uberto Lauri_____________________
  //--\ | | \|  |   Integralista GNUslamico  
\/                  e coltivatore diretto di software

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