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RE: put goto-line on modeline

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: put goto-line on modeline
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 22:54:58 -0800

    I think this is a good feature.

    > The user has to enter the line number with the keyboard.  Mixing mouse
    > clicks and keyboard input is rather inconvenient.

    How about the menu item "Goto Line..." in "Go To" in "Edit"?  An user
    has to use both the mouse and keyboard. However, the menu item is
    useful. Furthermore, comparing with the menu item, the item on the line
    number of the mode line is more easy to choose; it is always displayed.

I won't say whether this feature would be good or bad (I'm ~agnostic on it).

FWIW, Framemaker has long had this feature as the main way to go to a page
or line. When you click the page number in the "mode line", a dialog box
opens, where you can choose the Page Number (and input the number) or Line
Number (and input the number). The dialog box also tells you the first and
last pages and the current line number.

Again, I don't claim that this is a great feature, but it is used elsewhere.

A similar feature that Framemaker uses is clicking the current document zoom
factor (e.g. 100%) in the "mode line" to change it. When you do that, a menu
pops up with various predefined zoom settings to choose from, plus menu
items to Fit Page in Window, Fit Window to Page, and "Set...", which opens a
dialog box for defining the zoom settings in the menu (10 settings). Other
mode-line buttons zoom in and out one step, and go forward and backward a

Just food for thought...for later.

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