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RE: menu-bar-options-save and menu-bar-options-menu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: menu-bar-options-save and menu-bar-options-menu
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 12:02:40 -0800

    > I expect that modifying the Options menu will be one thing
    > that customizing users will want to do - especially adding
    > options that are toggles.

    What options would you like to add?

Tootsi Frootsi :-)

Seriously, none. My point is not about the current content of the menu. My
point is that we should look at the Options menu as something that will
likely be customized (augmented).

Users (or libraries) that create new options (e.g. toggles) might want to
add them to the Options menu. That's all. This commonly happens when you add
a plugin to many applications: the Preferences that a user can choose are
updated to include options from the plugin.

    As for flexibility, I think the idea is that Customize
    is the flexible machinery you are looking for.

That may be the idea, but I don't see how that idea or the flexible
machinery helps here.

I was just pointing out that there is an implicit coupling between the
Options menu and the options treated by `menu-bar-options-save': the latter
depends on the former, but this dependency is not handled automatically.

If a user (or a library) changes the Options menu, it is likely that he will
want/need to change the save command also. It would be convenient (and more
modular and less error-prone) if the update to one automatically updated the
other too. I mentioned some possible mechanisms; there are no doubt others
(and better).

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