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Re: Item for TODO?

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Item for TODO?
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 00:09:39 +1300

 > > There's also been discussions to add support for tooltips, tho it's
 > > not clear exactly what this should look like
 > Emacs already has the machinery to support this: if show-help-function
 > is nil (and it usually is on a tty), the tooltip text is shown in the
 > echo area.  The Windows port used that functionality before tooltip
 > support was added to it, and the MS-DOS port still uses it.
 > So the only thing that's missing is to make the tty mouse support
 > package inject help-echo events into the Emacs keyboard queue.
 > Everything else should ``just work''.

What is a help-echo event? 

On an xterm, if you move the mouse around no input characters are generated
for Emacs to read. It only knows where the mouse is when you click a
button. In between, I don't think it knows where the mouse is. How could
it then display a tooltip?


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