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Re: backup method

From: Han Boetes
Subject: Re: backup method
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 03:27:22 +0100
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Han Boetes wrote:
> Luc Teirlinck wrote:
> > Han Boetes wrote:
> >
> >    Perhaps it's also an idea to disable backups altogether if the
> >    file is in /tmp
> >
> > Is this not already the case?  From `(elisp)Making Backups':
> >
> >  -- Variable: backup-enable-predicate
> I do not yet seem to have this variable in the multitty branch,
> which is now over a month old. Must be something new.

Ow wait. I got it!!

I normally set TMP and TMPDIR to ~/.tmp so all tmpfiles are made
in those dirs.

Very good measure against programs that use unsafe tmpfile
creation and what not.

I just tested it. If I ``unset TMP TMPDIR'' and then set backup by
moving I get no problems with crontab because c-h v
temporary-file-directory is "/tmp/"

But not all programs honour TMP and TMPDIR. So I suggest that that
variable should always include /tmp/

# Han

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