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give her something to smile about

From: catharine garcia
Subject: give her something to smile about
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 15:04:28 -0900
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During the night that followed upon the first engagement of the Turks and Tatars, the boy lay awake trying to devise some plan to capture the city
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Even these revolvers can merely succeed in damaging a few of their wooden bodies, and after that we will be at their mercy
But why fight at all, in that case? asked the girl The walls seemed too high and thick to be either scaled or broken by the Tatars, who had no artillery whatever; and within the walls lay all the fertile part of the oasis, giving the besieged a good supply of water and provisions, while the besiegers were obliged to subsist on what water and food they had brought with them Just before dawn Rob left his tent and went out to look at the great wall
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