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Re: url.el blocks Gnus+nnrss

From: Klaus Straubinger
Subject: Re: url.el blocks Gnus+nnrss
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 10:35:35 +0100 (CET)

> Could you in the *Backtrace* buffer check the value of the following
> expressions (and post them here), using `e':
>   proc

#<process proxy>

>   (process-buffer proc)


(because url-http-activate-callback already has called
url-http-mark-connection-as-free which resets the process buffer)

>   (with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc) url-callback-function)

After replacing the nil value of (process-buffer proc) with " *http 
(lambda (&rest --cl-rest--) (apply (quote (lambda (G96930 G96931 &rest ignored) 
(url-debug (quote retrieval) "Synchronous fetching done (%S)" (current-buffer)) 
(progn (set G96931 t) (set G96930 (current-buffer))))) (quote 
--asynch-buffer--) (quote --retrieval-done--) --cl-rest--))

>   --retrieval-done--30970

Symbol's value as variable is void: --retrieval-done--96924

>   (symbol-value --retrieval-done--30970)

... is t at least later on in the debugger, although I have not been
able to evaluate it with the "e" command.

>> By the way, I have observed also hangs at redirects, where another
>> url-retrieve is called when the old connection could still receive
>> data. (accept-process-output url-http-process) directly before the new
>> url-retrieve did help, but I have no clue why.
> Could you show a patch of the actual change you tried?
> Do you mean just before `url-retrieve' in url-http-parse-headers
> in the lines:
>          (let ((url-request-method url-http-method)
>                (url-request-data url-http-data)
>                (url-request-extra-headers url-http-extra-headers))
>            (url-retrieve redirect-uri url-callback-function
>                          url-callback-arguments)
>            (url-mark-buffer-as-dead (current-buffer))))))

Yes, exactly. There I threw in a (accept-process-output url-http-process)
just because it seemed to help. Unfortunately, I don't see why.

Klaus Straubinger

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