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Re: Eliminating "changed in Emacs outside of Customize"

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Eliminating "changed in Emacs outside of Customize"
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 14:14:19 -0500

    > I still have the specific question of _what the problem is_ with the
    > scenario that you and Stefan (and I) described: a setq (in .emacs or a
    > library) executed after custom-set-variables. Yes, a setq changes the
    > current value so that it is no longer the `saved-value' - but so what?

    The novice user changes a value in customize, saves and restarts Emacs. Then
    he find that the value is still the same.

If he sees that Customize starts out saying the value has been set in
the current session, won't that be enough to guide him?  After all, he
knows he has not set the variable yet IN Customize.  Won't that be
enough, usually, for the user to deduce it was set outside Customize?

     His conclusion is that there is
    something wrong with Emacs.

If he realizes it was set outside Customize, I think he won't reach
this conclusion.

    I still
    believe it would be good to have custom-file executed after .emacs by
    default. In that case customize could warn for "rouge" custom variable

I don't understand what it means to "have custom-file executed after

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