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RE: Customize buttons that change user's customfileshouldaskforconfirmat

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Customize buttons that change user's customfileshouldaskforconfirmation
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 10:04:37 -0800

    >     I don't know if "S =>" imply that [1] we actually read
    >     the values from the
    >     custom-file (e.g. .emacs) or if [2] it just restores the
    >     value that was
    >     initially read from that file, or [3] the last value that
    >     was written by this emacs to that file.
    > What is the difference between [1] and [3]?

    If custom-file is updated by another emacs instance, [1] != [3].

Thanks. I didn't pay attention to the "this emacs".

Since we're dealing with a file (persistence), I would think that [1] would
be the best approach. (I don't know either what we do currently.)

    >     If it implies reading from the file, this could be used to load
    >     values from a diffent custom-file (to see what they are) before
    >     actually using them.
    > No way to do that has yet been proposed. S=>F means to get
    > the values from
    > the  custom-set* in the user's .emacs (custom file). There is
    > currently no
    > way to designate a different library to use as the source of `saved'
    > settings.

    M-: (setq custom-file "X")
    M-x customize
    do some editing
    save (into X)
    M-: (setq custom-file "Y")
    get (from ?)

    Question is "from X" or "from Y"?

Good point. I would think it should be Y.

In any case, we should tell the user just what will happen (with a
dynamically defined tooltip? "Get values from file `Y'") and echo what did
actually happen with a message ("Values read from file `Y'").

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