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Re: Customize buttons that change user's custom fileshouldaskforconfirma

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Customize buttons that change user's custom fileshouldaskforconfirmation
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 04:32:08 -0500

    > One possible solution for that is to discourage, or even get rid of,
    > of the per-variable command button.  If there is only the whole-buffer
    > Set and the whole-buffer Save, this confusion won't happen.

    I do not think that is a good solution because the customization buffer
    might be a result of a search.

I don't understand "result of a search" or how that relates to the
issue.  Could you please spell out your agrument?

    > ISTR that I have seen apps where there is no difference between the
    > field value and the active value within the customization tool, but
    > all the changes require confirmation when you exit the customization
    > tool.

    It is an unusual behaviour I think. Maybe it is because it is tedious?

It was not tedious at all.  To confirm when exiting is no more work
than giving the "Save" command.

    > In addition to Activate, there would be Cancel and Standard Values.
    > And perhaps What's Changed, which says what would change if you use
    > Activate right now.

    I miss the Set button. IMO opinion the names you propose makes it a bit more
    difficult to have a Set button.

Eliminating that distinction is part of the idea I'm considering now.

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