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RE: Customize buttons that change user's custom fileshouldaskforconfirma

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Customize buttons that change user's custom fileshouldaskforconfirmation
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:00:23 -0800

    Maybe the "Customize" menu could have a simple check-box option for
    "Show per-option action buttons".  The inquisitive emacs user will
    surely find it :-)

    I agree that if a user enabled this, the global buttons should not
    be shown.

This is a compromise that gives both approaches what they want. We should,
however, strive to adopt such a compromise only if there is a consensus that
there is (separate) value in having _each_ approach - not simply because we
can't seem to reach consensus on _which_ approach is best.

I doubt that we currently agree that both approaches are good (simple, safe,
etc.), and that which to use should just be a user choice (option). From the
current state of the discussion, it sounds more like each "side" thinks that
his side is the "simpler" and "safer" approach.

I agree with everyone else that no action should be taken now. In fact, the
remainder of the customize-design discussion should be postponed until after
22.1 is released. There is a lot that we could put on the table for
discussion regarding customize, and some of the issues are best discussed in
combination. I think we all have the same general goals, and our differences
probably reflect (mainly) different usage patterns or mutual

That is, I expect that we can in fact reach consensus on what is the best
approach, given sufficient time and discussion. Customize is complex, the
present UI provides lots of possibilities for a user, and the possibilities
of changing customize to improve it are innumerable. So, it's no wonder that
we haven't yet reached consensus - we haven't really explored the customize
design space much. And, as I mentioned once before, it is essential to get
input from Per, who understands the original design well - both the intent
and the howto.

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