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Re: tweak to apropos-command display

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: tweak to apropos-command display
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 17:13:28 -0500
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> I like M-x ... RET better.

I like the empty string even better: these are commands so of course we can
invoke them via M-x (unless they use an "e" in their interactive spec).

> 1) If menu-bar-mode is disabled, it doesn't mention menu bar bindings.

I have disabled menu-bar-mode to save some screen real estate, but I still
do use the menus (via C-down-mouse-3).  So I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

> 2) It pretty prints menu bar entries like this:
>     e.g. "File Menu" rather than "<menu-bar> <file> <new-file>"

Why not "File => New File..." ?

Note that the displayed name of "<menu-bar> <foo>" is not necessarily
"Foo".  You'd really want to look at the menu-item's name string instead of
capitalizing the symbol-name.


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