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Re: Key binding M-g should really be goto-line

From: Gaetan Leurent
Subject: Re: Key binding M-g should really be goto-line
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 21:23:50 +0100
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Johan Bockgård wrote on 02 Mar 2005 20:01:27 +0100:

>> I'd vote for `C-x g' or `C-M-g'.
> C-M-g may not work in a terminal/console.

We already have C-M-% that doesn't work in a terminal.

If you need to use one of those functions in a terminal, you just define
them on some other key and that's all.

I think `C-x g´ or `C-M-g´ is a good choice for the default binding, and
anyway people will just redefine it somewhere if they want to (I have it
on M-g and I think I'll keep that binding).


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