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Re: Putting blink-cursor-mode in Options menu.

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Putting blink-cursor-mode in Options menu.
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 08:57:40 +0000
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Luc Teirlinck <address@hidden> writes:

> Look, I feel like I have to react to this.  Your quote clearly seems
> to clearly suggest that I am just "offended" by the blinking cursor
> for no other reason than that I am a dogmatic purist old-fashioned
> Emacs user who uses nothing else.  I clearly said in previous postings
> that the blinking cursor produced discomfort to me because of
> neuro-physiological differences with what presumably is the majority
> of people.

Sorry, I missed that. I did not intend to imply that you were
stretching the truth with regards to your own discomfort.

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