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Re: require-hard-newlines to use newline

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: require-hard-newlines to use newline
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 19:56:22 -0500 (EST)
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> C-x C-s inserts a newline at the end of the file, but in the buffer that
> newline is just a nuisance. If you call end-of-buffer you go past the
> newline and you have to be careful to do C-b, or you are editing at the
> wrong place... Because the newline is soft, if you are careless and start
> typing at the wrong place, you can trivially correct the situation with
> M-q.

Typing C-b is no more difficult than typing M-q.

> Longlines tries to make it convenient on you by translating the
> newline back into a space.  Now you can just do end-of-buffer and
> immediately continue typing, without having to worry about remembering
> to type C-b...
> You could ask the Longlines maintainer to put a function
> in after-save-hook that transforms the soft newline into a space,
> without marking the buffer modified.

I *am* the Longlines maintainer. The solution you suggested is no good,
because if you edit somewhere else in the document (not at the end of the
buffer) and save, you will end up with another newline, which gets
converted into another space.

Yes, I can cook up a kludge to work around require-hard-newline if it
continues to use a soft final newline. But the reason I posted this thread
is because that would be unclean. Normal paragraphs are terminated by hard
newlines, and so should the final paragraph.

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