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Instantly get some of the action

From: vina smith
Subject: Instantly get some of the action
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 16:54:19 -0100

Be the center of their Attention

I've never seen so many different pheromone products on one site! Your
pheromone perfume is the most thoughtful product I have seen yet - and one
of the only ones I've seen made with women in mind. It's great to know that
I can use this product and no one else knows! Thanks a million - it works
great!   Christine, Lancaster, PA

The University of Chicago: Sixth sense detects pheromones. For the first
time, researchers at the University of Chicago have compiled scientific
evidence that secret chemical signals we emit called pheromones.

Here for more information or to stop receiving or to see our address.

A regiment of soldiers was marching through the streets of Berlin, and at
its head rode a body of horsemen, in the midst of which was the Emperor
himself. The people who thronged the sidewalks cheered and waved their hats
and handkerchiefs with enthusiasm, while a band of musicians played a German
air, which Rob could distinctly hear
While he gazed, spell-bound, the scene changed, and he looked upon a great
warship entering a harbor with flying pennants

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