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Re: When is hourglass shown?

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: When is hourglass shown?
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 13:38:59 +0100

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From: "Jan D." <address@hidden>

This does not always work, as in the case of M-x indent-region versus
C-M-\.  Both starts the hourglass timer, but the first stops it
directly afterwards.

I am glad you took this up since it is rather confusing when trying to get things working on w32 (where it currently does not work at all as far as I can see). What is the reason it is stopped when using M-x? Is this a general
behaviour when using M-x or is it just indent-region?

AFAIK it is a general M-x behaviour. Pressing return in the minibuffer starts the hourglass, and then invokes minibuffer-complete-and-exit. This function throws so the start_hourglass done after return is canceled by an unwind-protect (in keyboard.c, command_loop_1(), around line 1784). This may be a bug. I've checked 21.3 and it is the same there so it is not a regression.

        Jan D.

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