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Re: Problems with debug-on-entry in the Lisp debugger.

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Problems with debug-on-entry in the Lisp debugger.
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:58:52 -0500

    > does it have any real impact?

    It can be confusing for new users of the debugger: Hey, what's that
    doing in my function?  Did I put that there?

The user probably rembemers having set "debug on entry" for the function,
and has just been reminded by entering the debugger, so that ought
to help him understand.

    > If the aesthetic aspect is just more serious now that we replace
    > (debug 'debug) with (if (or inhibit-debug-on-entry
    > debugger-jumping-flag) nil (debug 'debug)), we can define a function
    > named e.g. `debug-entering' that will do the checking of
    > inhibit-debug-on-entry and debugger-jumping-flag.

    That would be somewhat better.

Using the name implement-debug-on-entry will help the user
figure out why it is there.

the user to understand.

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