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Re: isearch-forward and Info-search

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: isearch-forward and Info-search
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:56:42 +1300

 > > I think it would be a lot less annoying if it at least changed the
 > > prompt to say what it was doing, in the manner of a wrapped isearch
 > > ("I-search in node ...: " ?).
 > >
 > > Maybe it could even act more like wrapped i-search, and fail once,
 > > before proceeding to the next info page if you hit C-s again.
 > It seems this is the most reasonable default behavior.
 > But I also think it would be too annoying to fail before
 > leaving every Info node.  It would be better to fail only
 > in the first Info node where isearch was started.  Of course,
 > this doesn't preclude creating at least four different options
 > for the `Info-isearch-search' variable:
 > - never fail (current behavior)
 > - fail only in the node where isearch was started (proposed default)
 > - fail in every node visited by isearch (somebody may like this)
 > - fail and wrap to the beginning of the current node (old behavior)

This sounds a like a good idea. The proposed default would also be my
preferred behaviour.

Me> > I've also noticed that if you abort a search (C-s) before it gets to the
Me> > end of the manual the formatting of the links on the current page gets
Me> > messed up.

> This looks like a bug, but I can't reproduce it.  Could you provide
> a precise receipt to reproduce it?

I can't seem to reproduce it. All the links after a certain point (where the
search had reached displayed as ordinary text like this:

Important Text-Changing Commands
* Mark::                The mark: how to delimit a ``region'' of text.
* Killing::             Killing (cutting) text.
* Yanking::             Recovering killed text.  Moving text. (Pasting.)

If I can remember exactly what I did, I'll file a bug report.


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