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Re: Documentation for GUD tooltips

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Documentation for GUD tooltips
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 21:30:12 +1300

 >     Its a bit more subtle than that. GUD tooltips use track-mouse (ordinary
 >     tooltips work at a lower level and don't rely on events in lisp).  For
 >     a GUD tooltip to work, the lisp-level mouse-movement event must be
 >     generated in the buffer with the overlay arrow and the mode of the
 >     selected buffer must belong to tooltip-gud-modes.  Note that the
 >     mouse-movement need not occur in the selected buffer.  The list
 >     `tooltip-gud-modes' includes gud-mode so that the user may move the
 >     mouse over a variable in the buffer of the source while the GUD buffer
 >     remains selected.
 > Why was it made to depend on the selected buffer?  Why implement such
 > bizarre behavior?  I think that counts as a bug; can we fix it?

Maybe it is a bug but no-one has complained about it, probably because not
many people use GUD tooltips. The comments in tooltip.el suggest that this is
a kludge to avoid display problems (Gerd Moellmann?), so I'm not sure that
there is an easy fix. There are other problems that I would like to fix such
as the fact that if GUD tooltips display in the echo area then so must
ordinary tooltips, but these are not showstoppers. Surely solving these
problems should wait till after the release?


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