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Re: Antialiased text on X11

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Antialiased text on X11
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 16:13:58 +0100

I'll stick my hand in the air here and say that I would favour people
putting effort into Cairo support rather than Xft.

Isn't Cairo being used in Gtk now?  Could we get Cairo for free by
porting the buffer to Gtk?

GTK 2.6 does not use Cairo, the development version might. As for "porting the buffer", I assume you mean that we should leave all redisplay to Gtk, by using for example the text widget? Unfortunately the redisplay in that widget is crude and simple, and is only suitable for the most simple text editing tasks.

Getting Emacs to use Xft for all X ports is much more realistic. Cairo is a moving target, and from what I have seen, we still need font metrics and the like to be able to handle redisplay. Cairo only gives simple drawing primitives, this is not good enough. I haven't seen the latest Cairo sources, so this might have changed.

But if we get font metrics from Cairo or Xft does not matter much, the porting work is roughly the same, so Xft is a much better target. The drawing stuff is trivial in both cases.

        Jan D.

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