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Re: Non-ASCII in Lucid menus

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Non-ASCII in Lucid menus
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 18:45:18 +0100

It is incompatible in the sense that settings in .Xresources that previously
...*menu*font: ...

now must use

for the lucid menus.  This should be mentioned in NEWS.

Hmm... good point.  Do you happen to know how I could get the expected
behavior that "if `font' is set but `fontSet' isn't, use `font'"?

Basically you have to set the default to something else than the XtDdefaultFont(Set), and then check if either has been changed. But better would be to just have one, as Motif has FontList.

Also, the default font used for lucid menus will most certainly be
different now.

Why?  What can I do about it?

It is just that the default for font and fontset in Xt differs. It should perhaps be noted in NEWS, or we should perhaps just be prepared for "why have you changed the menu font" questions :-). I don't think that this is a problem, it is just different.

        Jan D.

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