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Re: Lisp indentation.

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: Lisp indentation.
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:55:51 +0100
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>> I tried it with eval-when-compile in byte-run.el.  With current CVS
> Oh, right, the `declare' only works after subr.el has been loaded,
> so it's ignored if you use it in byte-run.el or in backquote.el.
> See (setq macro-declaration-function 'macro-declaration-function) in
> subr.el.  Feel free to fix byte-run.el to not use `declare' (with a
> note explaining why), or to move the `macro-declaration-function'
> from subr.el to byte-run.el.

I see: byte-run.el and backquote.el are loaded before subr.el by
loadup.el.  I'll move macro-declaration-function to byte-run.el and
put in a comment why it should be there.


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