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Re: move-beginning-of-line

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: move-beginning-of-line
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 13:48:13 -0500
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> If found it a bit peculiar that `M-x beginning-of-line RET' and `M-:
> (beginning-of-line) RET' yielded different results.  In the former
> case point will end up on the first "1" and in the latter case after
> the last "1".

The place where point ends up when moving into an invisible (or "display"ed
or composed) area of text is not really well defined, because it tries to
DTRT based on how you got there, while at the same time trying to make sure
it never majorly screws up.

In the M-: and M-x cases, doing the right thing is not nearly as obvious as
you'd think because the "command" that does the work is actually the RET
which exits from the minibuffer and then runs the actual code, so the
"start point" and "end point" of the command are not even in the same
buffer, so inferring the direction of the movement is not done correctly.


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