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Re: [OSX] bootstrap fails

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: [OSX] bootstrap fails
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 20:50:43 +0100
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Le 14 mar 2005, Jason Rumney vraute :

> Looks  like  a  CVS conflict  marker.  Did  you  make  a local  change  to
> startup.el?

Indeed it is a conflict between  current cvs and the emacs-snapshot patch to
build Emacs Debian packages from the CVS.

I did not  notice that conflict first because I usually  get the source from
cvs with a shell script and I did not carefully checked its output.

I have overwritten  the conflict withe the genuine version  from the cvs and
now it is ok.

Thanks for the clue :)

Sébastien Kirche

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