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Re: Tooltip pops up when moving mouse

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Tooltip pops up when moving mouse
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 14:06:21 +0100

> If I put the mouse cursor on a link with a tooltip and then move the mouse
> before the tooltip pops up the tooltips pops up where I have moved the
> and then immediately disappears. Do you see this too? This is on w32.

Some enhancement to my own message ;-)

You can (perhaps) see another version of this problem if you slowly move the
mouse over a link. The tooltip pops up and immediately disappears again.

That I am seeing this problem may depend on both that I have a slow pc and
that I am using w32. I believe it is a thread issue. Mouse movements are
detected by the UI thread, but I believe that the lisp timer for the tooltip
popup runs in the lisp thread. I do not know if the problem is there on X
Windows as well but I would believe it.

Maybe this can be seen as a minor bug, but still many users seems to have
found the tooltip implementation to be less optimal. So I suggested that it
should be corrected.

I do not know if this is difficult or not. What is needed (as far as I can
see) is that the mouse position when starting the tooltip popup timer is
recorded and then compared to the last mouse position when the tooltip
actually should popup. If the mouse has moved the tooltip should never popup
(instead of flashing by as now).

At the moment I do not want to try to implement it since I do not understand
how mouse positions are handled generally.

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