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Re: Problems with advice...

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Problems with advice...
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:41:04 -0500
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> This looks so wrong that I want somebody with more of a clue to take a
> look at it: ad-make-mapped-call is called in two branches of a cond,
> and the order of its first two arguments is interchanged in those two
> calls!

I think the patch below is the right one,


--- orig/lisp/emacs-lisp/advice.el
+++ mod/lisp/emacs-lisp/advice.el
@@ -3108,8 +3108,8 @@
                     ;; in order to do proper prompting:
                     `(if (called-interactively-p)
                          (call-interactively ',origname)
-                       ,(ad-make-mapped-call orig-arglist
-                                             advised-arglist
+                       ,(ad-make-mapped-call advised-arglist
+                                             orig-arglist
                    ;; And now for normal functions and non-interactive subrs
                    ;; (or subrs whose interactive behavior was advised):

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