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Re: mm-charset-to-coding-system and mm-charset-synonym-alist

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: Re: mm-charset-to-coding-system and mm-charset-synonym-alist
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 14:42:22 +0100
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On Wed, Mar 16 2005, Stefan Monnier wrote:

> Is there any good reason why mm-charset-to-coding-system only looks up
> mm-charset-synonym-alist after checking mm-coding-system-p?
> I'm being annoyed with email encoded in windows-1252 but labelled as latin-1

Did you know that you can adding (2 . windows-1252) to
`gnus-summary-show-article-charset-alist' allow you to show the
article as windows-1252 with `2 g'.
> and figured that I could simply put
>    ;; Since windows-1252 is a superset of latin-1 and some email encoded in
>    ;; windows-1252 are labelled as latin-1, let's just always use windows-1252
>    ;; whenever the label says latin-1.
>    (add-to-list 'mm-charset-synonym-alist '(iso-8859-1 . windows-1252))
> in my .gnus, but it didn't work because mm-charset-synonym-alist is not
> consulted if the charset label says "iso-8859-1" because there is
> a coding-system called "iso-8859-1".

I recall (from the German Gnus newsgroup) that Simon Krahnke (Bcc-ed)
used such a setup.  But after looking at the code, I don't understand
why it worked for him.

> So I suggest the patch below,
> Any objection?

I fear that users may forget about their older setting of
`mm-charset-synonym-alist'.  Then, when upgrading Emacs and new
charsets are available, they will get the substitute charset from
`mm-charset-synonym-alist' instead of the correct charset.

Maybe we could introduce `mm-charset-override-alist' an look at it
before "((and (mm-coding-system-p charset)" or even as the first
cond-clause.  BTW: You patch won't allow to override `us-ascii'.

Bye, Reiner.
      (o o)
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