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Re: Changes to gdb-ui.el

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Changes to gdb-ui.el
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 07:39:59 +0900

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:03:10 +1200, Nick Roberts <address@hidden> wrote:
> I don't think using breakpoint faces in text-mode quite works. On a basic
> xterm, an enabled breakpoint (letter 'B') stands out clearly in red, but
> as disabled breakpoint (letter 'b') disappears completely.

It works correclty on the linux console; it may be face definitions
need tweaking for "low-color" terminals (this can be done using the
conditional facility of the face definition language).

> the subtleties of faces but maybe grey60 gets 'rounded' to white on an xterm
> with 8/16 colours.

Yes, this is probably what's happening.

> Also the background of the face doesn't always match the
> background of the terminal (I have found particularly so for a 
> gnome-terminal).

Ok; probably the `:inherit fringe' should be used only for bitmaps (is
it even useful for them?  I though fringe stuff would get merged with
the fringe face anyway).

> In X, enabled/disabled breakpoints are distinguished by colour alone, the
> icons having the same shape both in the margin and in the fringe. In text
> mode the breakpoint state is already distinguished by the case of the letter
> (B/b) so the same colour can be used. To help it stand out from the text,
> I guess this color could be red in both cases, a color which I presume is
> available on many terminals.

Note that I made this change because I was setting breakpoints on a
tty and couldn't see them very well; having them displayed in bold red
_really_ helps.

I'll give the faces a tweak to reflect the above points.

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