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Re: RFC: a minor mode that uses GDB like CLI commands

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: RFC: a minor mode that uses GDB like CLI commands
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 14:55:40 +1200

 > It would be very good to make this mode to work like edebug
 > (automatically making the source code buffer read-only, etc.)
 > and to have similar keybindings:
 > " " - step
 > "n" - next
 > "c" - cont
 > "g" - go
 > ...

Its seems more natural to use the existing abbreviations for GDB, as Dan

"s" - step
"n" - next
"c" - cont
"r" - run
"b" - break

although there is clearly a significant overlap, in any case.

I think the idea of making the debugger source based is a good one and has
been tried with gdbsrc.el in XEmacs. The difficulty lies in ensuring that any
such mode does not interfere with the normal editing process. As it is
proposed, the user would need to keep track of buffers where it was turned on
and those where it was turned off. That is why I suggested to Dan that it
might be better to toggle all the buffers at once. This is not easy with the
present version of gdb-ui, but can be done using the features of GDB 6.2 that I
described in relation to turning on gud-minor-mode for existing buffers. It is
then possible to define a variable gdb-source-file-list which contains all the
source files for the current executable. This list could also be used to
toggle gdb-src-cmd-minor-mode.


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