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Re: smiley regexp problem

Subject: Re: smiley regexp problem
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:47:59 +0100

> >>> I want to setup the smileys similar to gaim.
> >>> So I put 
> >>>
> >>>         "\\(:)\\)\\W" for smile.
> >>> and
> >>>         "\\(:))\\)\\W" for laugh.
> >>>
> >>> The problem is that :)) also contains a :).  At the same time, 
> > Why don't you match "laugh" first, and only look for a smile if no
> > laugh is can be found?
> The code to add the smiley (gnus/smiley.el) does not allow me to 
> do that.
> If I have `:))', both, smile and laugh pictures get inserted.

Maybe you could add a complemented character set to the first one after the 
smile (with whatever slashes there are needed to get this to work): [^)] 

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