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Coding systems and Terminal.app on Mac OS X

From: Stefan
Subject: Coding systems and Terminal.app on Mac OS X
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:17:26 -0500
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> TERM_PROGRAM=Apple_Terminal

OK, so I tried my patch and it seems to work: it does set the
terminal-coding-system to utf-8 and letters with accents are then
properly displayed.

Now, the next problem is keyboard input: my meta key doesn't work in
Terminal.app and neither do accented chars.  Looking at C-h l I see that the
byte sequence that Emacs receives is odd.  E.g. for "M-x" Emacs receives (I
use the "meta-is-bit7" convention):

  C-v \342 C-v \211 C-v \210

Assuming the C-v was meant to be some kind of quoting char (as it is in
several Unix tools where it plays the same role as Emacs's C-q), we could
think of it as "\342 \211 \210", which is a valid utf-8 sequence for "≈".
After trying to insert some accented chars, it seems that indeed the input
is a kind of "utf-8 interleaved with C-v" and my meta key sends non-ASCII
chars instead of something like an ESC prefix.  Does anybody know what this
C-v stuff is about?


PS: Actually, the utf-8 display doesn't work 100% because Terminal.app
displays my \lambda characters as two-columns-chars and Emacs doesn't know
about it, so the display gets confused and every once in a while a bit of
C-l is needed.

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