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Re: Popup problems with GTK

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Popup problems with GTK
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:15:17 +0100

This is very strange..

emacs -Q
C-mouse-3 does nothing but "<C-mouse-3> is undefined" is shown in the
echo area.
C-h k C-mouse-3 DOES show the usual/right screen.

When i disable "Ctrl Highlighting" both do the right thing.
Sorry your patch does not work.

My patch only makes Emacs not hang. Emacs can not make it "work" without modifying either GTK or Gnome. The Ctrl highlightning is simply badly done.

Normally the menu is popped up with C-mouse-3-down and then popped down on C-mouse-3 (which is actually never seen as a lisp event since the menu grabs the mouse). But now C-mouse-3-down popps it up, we see that it does in fact does not pupup and forget the whole thing. Then C-mouse-3 comes adn Emacs does nothing. If you wan't to use the Ctrl highlights pointer option you can bind C-mouse-3 to ignore.

        Jan D.

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