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Re: Bootstrap problem.

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: Bootstrap problem.
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:40:25 +0200
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Lute Kamstra <address@hidden> writes:

> Add a definition to lisp file A and make it available to other lisp
> files by adding an autoload cookie.  Commit the change.  Then add
> some code to lisp file B that depends on the presence of this
> definition to compile.  Commit this change as well.
> As I found out the hard way, this leads to problems in two cases:


> 2. Someone has a CVS tree and did the last update before the change in
>    file A.  Then that person does per next update after the change to
>    file B and then does a make bootstrap.  bootstrap-emacs uses the
>    old loaddefs.el that does not contain an autoload of the required
>    definition in file A and fails to compile file B.
>    A second make bootstrap would work fine as this would use the new
>    loaddefs.el that was created during the first make bootstrap that
>    failed.

Strange: I just looked more carefully at the bootstrap process and it
seems that this second problem should not occur.  From what I now
understand, bootstrap already does what I want: it first updates
loaddefs.el and then builds bootstrap-emacs and dumps it with the
up-to-date loaddefs.el loaded.

But now I don't know how to explain Chris Moore's recent bug report on


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