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Re: address@hidden: bibtex-generate-url-list enhancement]

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: address@hidden: bibtex-generate-url-list enhancement]
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:41:38 +0200

On Wed Mar 30 2005 Jochen Küpper wrote:
> Another question: I have a function, defined as below, which gets me a
> PDF from my private archive based on the entry's key (Not a "key = {}"
> item, but the actual "@Article{key," value.). Is there a way to hook
> that into the bibtex-generate-url machinery?

As the docstring for bibtex-generate-url-list says

    Each scheme is of the form ((FIELD . REGEXP) STEP...).

    FIELD is a field name as returned by `bibtex-parse-entry'.

The alist returned by bibtex-parse-entry includes the key (see
there). So bibtex-url can use it and it seems to me that your
command jk/bibtex-view-pdf is not needed at all. Try the scheme

    (("=key=" . ".*")
     ("=key=" ".*" 0))

The only thing currently you cannot do is use the key as a button.
(You must use the command bibtex-url bound to C-c C-l.) This is
because bibtex-url and bibtex-font-lock-url use rather different

Would it be useful to have a function bibtex-font-lock-url-key?
I guess I wouldn't want to use it because it would be difficult to
specify which keys should be buttonized. But this might be a matter
of taste. (However, I was told that emacs is in feature freeze. So
in any case I'd prefer to wait with a new function
bibtex-font-lock-url-key till the new version of emacs has been


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