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Re: cannot compile mac emacs for OS9

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: cannot compile mac emacs for OS9
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 15:13:14 +0200
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Le 31 Mar 2005, Sébastien Kirche s'est exprimé ainsi :

> I have searched for these, but they seem defined nowhere... ?

Now i  had used my  brain, i  have found that  in src/mac.c the  include for
EPPC.H should be placed outside of the #ifndef HAVE_CARBON

and  the   PPCLink  command  in   the  generated  make  script   should  add

But i now fail with
# Error:  File "::src:fileio.c.x"
#         Reference to unresolved symbol ".Fx_file_dialog"
#  Unresolved external references:
#    .Fx_file_dialog

That    Fx_file_dialog    seems   to    be    defined    in   macfns.c    if

I am a bit lost : does not defining HAVE_CARBON implies TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON ?

Sébastien Kirche

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