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Re: More font-lock keywords for tcl.el

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: More font-lock keywords for tcl.el
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 20:32:51 +0100
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

> Well, your patch distinguishes between tcl-keyword-list and
> tcl-builtin-list, so is `namespace' more like `append' or more like
> `if'? To me it feels more like an `if', in that it seems to be part
> of the syntax rather than one of a set of builtin functions.

It seems it can be used in a similar fashion to "proc", eg

namespace eval foo {
   ... do stuff ...

or like a simple command:

namespace import foo::*

so IMO it could be either a builtin or keyword. I slightly prefer the
former, but don't have an especially strong opinion.

> But I honestly have no idea what was your intention behind the
> separation keyword-vs-builtin.

No particularly deep intention (as you might guess!). Partly to keep
the new stuff separate, partly that font-lock-builtin-face is not
otherwise used in tcl.el. Just seemed to make sense to me to use
builtin for these new ones.

> I know, but I think the other one should be changed as well. Except
> that in neither case do I know whether my suggestion is really the
> right idea. Maybe it breaks some hilighting, so please check it.


>>>> +          '("\\\\$" 0 font-lock-warning-face) ; escaped EOL

With regards to this (separate from the "get the right regexp" issue),
it can either:

i)  not be highlighted
ii) be highlighted in some other face. keyword or builtin (?) seem to be
the only non-obviously-wrong faces left.

I have no strong preference as to what Emacs should do. Personally, I
like such things strongly highlighted.

AFAICS, the situation for this is exactly the same in sh-script and
tcl, so the solution ought to be the same.

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