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Aquamacs distro for OS X like behavior

From: David Reitter
Subject: Aquamacs distro for OS X like behavior
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 11:37:17 +0100


I would like to announce a new distribution for OS X, which we call 'Aquamacs'. It's a ready-to-run application for OS X that combines the Carbon Emacs (a CVS build) with a range of packages and customizations from a number of people that all try to make Emacs behave more like a normal OS X application.

This includes keyboard shortcuts, a one-file-one-frame paradigm and a good-looking default font, plus other well-known add-ons that we consider standard on OS X.

The user-oriented description is at


and slightly more technical and opinionated introduction is provided here:


At this point, we consider the distribution experimental (it's version 0.9). Kevin Walzer and I welcome your feedback. Depending on whether people use it, we would work towards a 1.0. Source is provided in the .app bundle, except for what's in the CVS anyways.

-- Dave

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