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Re: Aquamacs distro for OS X like behavior

From: Aidan Kehoe
Subject: Re: Aquamacs distro for OS X like behavior
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 20:25:20 +0200

 Ar an ceathrú lá de mí Aibréan, scríobh David Kastrup: 

 > [...] Should one make people abandon Emacs that have been using it for 20
 > years, so that a newcomer will take an hour instead of half an hour
 > before giving up on it?

That’s a false dichotomy; people who have been using some form of Emacs for
twenty years are informed enough to be able to configure their way around
the new defaults. New users, very much less so.

 > In addition, catering to the idiosyncrasies of a specific platform like
 > MacOSX is a lot of work if you want to keep Emacs fully functional and
 > reasonably consistent (where appropriate) across platforms.

Certainly, but most of the work should be up-front--assuming stuff like
cua-mode keeps respecting the Apple key--and they’re volunteering to do
it. And, given that Andrew Choi is gone, and the Carbon port is very much
alive, it seems there is and will be a decent userbase prepared to
support GNU Emacs on that platform. 

 > [snipping stuff on the GUI development of GNU Emacs and the package list
 > of this package, neither of which I have much interest in.]

“I, for instance, am gung-ho about open source because my family is being
held hostage in Rob Malda’s basement. But who fact-checks me, or Enderle,
when we say something in public? No-one!” -- Danny O’Brien

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