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Re: `xterm-mouse-mode' has a bogus Custom group

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: `xterm-mouse-mode' has a bogus Custom group
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:51:32 +1200

> > confusion with some prior similar cases.  The only drawback of not
 > > preloading it is that we need to duplicate the same code in the
 > > defcustom and in startup.el and make sure that the two stay exactly in
 > > sync.
 > There are other ways to avoid this duplication.  See patch below.

In the case of define-minor-mode, perhaps it could be arranged that, for
example, (tooltip-mode 2) sets tooltip-mode to the standard value. That might
mean a lot of changes but I guess its a problem thats not going to go away. I
don't know how to access the standard value (:init-value?), what would happen
if its not set, etc, but if its a sensible idea, I could look at it.


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