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Re: should xterm-mouse-mode be on by default?

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: should xterm-mouse-mode be on by default?
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:26:17 -0700

Nick Roberts <address@hidden> writes:

  >  >     Because the a selection done with the mouse when xterm-mouse-mode is
  >  >     active is not available to X. It is only available to Emacs, so it is
  >  >     possible to use the mouse to copy between 2 emacs windows running in
  >  >     the same terminal frame, but X know nothing about the selection. 
  >  > 
  >  > I did not realize it had this disadvantage.  It is a serious one.
  > But, X selection is still available using the shift key.

Well, that is the problem, that the selection is available _by
default_ only when using the shift key. This makes emacs inconsistent
with the rest of the applications a user normally runs. And it is
inconsistent in one of the very useful (and used) functions. 

  >  > I think we should put the default back to off.
  > Its a question of giving priority to Emacs features or Xterm
  > features. Within Emacs, the mouse is used more often for Emacs so
  > it seems more natural that Emacs gets priority there.

But the price to pay in inconsistency and inconvenience seems to


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