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Video conference chat tool planned

From: Marc Manthey
Subject: Video conference chat tool planned
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 22:20:00 +0200

Hello Experts,

Sorry for bothering you with, an Off-Topic theme. Could
you then be so kind and forward my lines to people
interested in?

My inquiry is about a video/streaming chat tool.

Long times ago, there was a smart video chat tool,
called CuSeeMe. I am tied a little bit on the tool.
Nowadays with the Darwin Streaming Server the
time for video chat tools is coming back with power.

So, I thought, it would be a smart idea to
update CuSeeMee (or whatsoever) to todays
state-of-the-Art techniques.
Now I found, that the sources of CuSeeMe are
no longer available. Somehow they are gone.

Any comment or fingertip is highly appreciated and
would be thankfully answered.

So once again, sorry for bothering you with,
an Off-Topic theme.


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videochat:aim://macfreak2004 video/audio reqired

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