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Re: address@hidden: recentf: "Select coding system" on quit]

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: address@hidden: recentf: "Select coding system" on quit]
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 09:43:51 +0900 (JST)
User-agent: SEMI/1.14.3 (Ushinoya) FLIM/1.14.2 (Yagi-Nishiguchi) APEL/10.2 Emacs/22.0.50 (sparc-sun-solaris2.6) MULE/5.0 (SAKAKI)

In article <address@hidden>, David PONCE <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
>>  I think the attached patch will fix the problem.  Shall I
>>  install it?

> Thanks for your patch. I tried it and when I compiled recentf.el
> I got this message:

> Compiling /home/ponce/installs/emacs/lisp/recentf.el...
> File local-variables error: (error "Local variables list is not
> properly terminated")
> Wrote /home/ponce/installs/emacs/lisp/recentf.elc

> This is because the ";;; Local Variables:\n" string confused
> `hack-local-variables'!

> Here is a new patch that fix that.

Ah!  Thank you for the fix.  Anyway, does it work as
expected?   Shall I commit it?

Ken'ichi HANDA

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