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Re: latexenc-find-file-coding-system is slow.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: latexenc-find-file-coding-system is slow.
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 12:13:56 -0400
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>   re-search-forward("^[^%$]*\\usepackage\\[\\(.*\\)\\]{inputenc}" nil t)
shouldn't this be \\\\ ?

> I guess the re-searching in latexenc-find-file-coding-system needs to
> be improved.

I see two obvious ways to speed it up:
- use (re-search-forward "\\\\usepackage\\[\\(.*\\)\\]{inputenc}")
  and once it matched, check if it's inside a comment.  This should be
  *much* faster because of how the regexp-engine works (basically,
  it will backtrack much less).  The search as it is coded now could very
  well fail with "regexp stack overflow".
- don't search through the whole buffer but only though the first part (10K
  or so) of it.

> Since this change, opening a 117k .texi file takes seconds.  It used

The filename regexp was broken, I've adjusted it so it doesn't get triggered
for .texi files.


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